Policy Review

Policy review can be as simple as  determining the zoning parameters for a given site, or it can be as involved as analyzing the details of a Growth Management Strategy for a new Official Plan and assessing a site based on several criteria to determine if could be a candidate for inclusion into an expanded Urban Boundary. 


Christine McCuaig has performed reviews of new Zoning By-laws, Official Plan Amendments, Community Design Plans, and Municipal Design Guidelines, among other forms of policy documents. 

Every single project requires some degree of policy review, whether to assess zoning compliance or to determine if an Official Plan Amendment is required. It is a daily activity at Q9 Planning + Design and therefore we are very well versed this integral component of the planning discipline. 

When a project encounters a compliance issue - with either zoning or an official plan policy, it is our experience and expertise that allows us to identify if the non-compliance aspect is still considering good planning based on the unique merits of the project or if it requires some rethinking. 

It is important to know that every project is different and every site is different. Context plays a very important role, but it must always be viewed alongside a site's constraints and opportunities and how these foundations for development fit into the applicable policies and provisions that apply to it. All of the above components create a story that will guide the highest and best use for a particular piece of property.