One of the first components of reviewing a subject site or area is to determine feasibility of development. What restraints or conflicts exist to limit development potential? Are there wetlands to consider, unstable slopes, or endangered species? These are simply a few environmental concerns that could limit developable area. 

Part of a Feasibility Review is assessing the context beyond the immediate site itself. Some basic things to consider are: transportation network, abutting and nearby land uses, scale of nearby development, pedestrian connections, lot configurations, planned context versus existing context, and countless other components that serve to create a framework whereby a proposal can be drafted. 

Lastly, a major component of any Feasibility Review is the policy and provisions, that are in place to guide development, as set out by the Province, Township/Counties, or Municipality. 

Through all of these aspects of review, Q9 ensures that the desired program as indicated by the developer, forms the basis for our review alongside recommendations for the highest and best use from an expert panning perspective. 

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