Development Approvals

Once a project has been conceptualized, whether that be a single-detached home or a plan of subdivision or a commercial complex, the next step is to determine what approvals are necessary and who the approval authority is. 

Q9 can advise clients on what the likely approvals are and even provide a draft list of requirements but a meeting with the approval authority is always recommended to confirm initial thoughts, and obtain any information about the proposal that will assist in finalizing a workable and approvable concept. 

Common development approvals and other related processes that the Q9 team has had considerable experience with are: Zoning By-law Amendments, Site Plan Control Approval, Plan of Subdivisions, Plan of Condominiums, Official Plan Amendments, Consent to Sever Applications, Minor Variance Applications, Heritage Alteration Permits, Road Opening Applications, Street Naming Applications, Lifting of Holding Zones, Lifting of 30cm Reserve, and more. For a fairly complete list of application types, please see the City of Ottawa's website

We can provide projected timelines and schedules for these approval processes but will always caution that even projects that appear simple on the surface can occasionally encounter bumps and hurdles throughout the process that might cause delay or additional costs.


No two projects are alike, policies change, and technical aspects can result in coordination conflicts. This is where project management experience and established relationships in the industry are Q9's most valuable assets.